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Terror watchlist, sex offender arrests surge at the border. Is America worried?

2023-08-29 Biden's notebooks may contain classified information: Report Bengals player upset after teammate's penalty costs AFC Championship: 'Why the f--- you touch the quarterback' New Jersey man sentenced to 55 years in prison for fatally stabbing co-worker on lunch break Joe Concha mocks Schiff, Swalwell, Omar after committee snubs: 'Only card left to play is the victim card' Patrick Mahomes offers parting shot to Cincinnati mayor after Chiefs win AFC Championship Major US city forces CRT-inspired training on employees, Chiefs' do-over sparks outrage and more top headlines Homeless crime surge pushes Texas salon owners to consider closing shop: 'This is plaguing our entire city' Teenager playing hide-and-seek found days later inside shipping container in another country Florida dog found cemented to sidewalk, diagnosed with more than 20 medical conditions: 'He was left to die' Patrick Mahomes praises God after AFC Championship win: 'He healed my body this week' Novak Djokovic wins Australian Open a year after being deported: 'He stood on principle' JK Rowling 'deeply amused' by 'lost admiration' critics: I'll file it 'where I keep my missing f---s' ‘Socialist’ teacher admits she wants to ‘abolish the police’ amid school curriculum battle with DeSantis Donna Kelce to make history at Super Bowl LVII Suicide bomber kills at least 34, leaves nearly 150 wounded at mosque in Pakistan Biden’s abortion mandates threaten pro-life VA nurse's job, but she isn’t giving up Zachary Levi sparks Twitter controversy over claim that Pfizer is a 'danger' to the world: 'Hardcore agree' NYC forces all city employees to undergo radical critical race theory training: 'Really unfair' Eagles' Jalen Hurts, Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes set to make Super Bowl history Terror watchlist, sex offender arrests surge at the border. Is America worried?